The Adi Adidas Spikeless Footjoy Golf Shoes

Spikeless footjoy golf shoes are very popular with those who play golf on a regular basis. Unlike traditional spiked golf shoes which provide maximum grip, spikeless golf footwear offer more flexibility. They are also easier to walk in and out of without the fear of spikes getting caught on the turf or other things. This article will give you a basic overview of how these unique shoes work.

The first thing you should know is what makes these Adidas spikeless footjoy golf shoes so special. The material that Adidas uses in their footwear is called SpEVA. This spEVA offers the best blend of rubber and foam in a golf shoe. It allows for the flexibility that is found in many other golf shoes, but it has a higher density that provides added support.

Next you want to learn how the Adidas spikeless footjoy golf shoes provide increased traction on smooth turf. The design features of this shoe use a combination of grooves and channels on the bottom and sides of the shoe. These channel areas are positioned in such a way as to provide increased traction to the bottom of the unit. This allows for greater control and stability when swinging. The material used in the construction of the shoe is primarily leather, but it does include nylon to help provide flexibility.

The last thing you want to know about how these unique Adidas spikeless golf shoes work is about how they stay waterproof. The material used for the waterproofing of these shoes is called SpEVA. The material acts as a kind of watertight barrier between the skin and the shoes. This prevents moisture from collecting in the feet and slipping into the system. The waterproof feature is great for those who like to play all weather golf courses.

As you can see there are a lot of unique things about these golf shoes. First, they have a very innovative design that does a great job of providing traction. Second, they feature leather uppers that are low-profile, which will reduce the amount of pull and strain on your body. Lastly, they provide great waterproofing and staying durable thanks to their innovative materials.

All in all, these shoes have a very stylish look and excellent traction. One thing about the Adidas is that it has such a nice selection of styles and colors that you can easily find something to suit your personal needs. They offer both men’s and women’s models and have a very low-profile design for both. With a lightweight construction and a variety of styling options, you can find a pair that will meet your needs.


Affiliate Riches? Reality or just a Dream

If you are an affiliate marketer struggling to get consistent results, then you need to know the real truth behind affiliate marketing.

Are you doing everything you think is right in your affiliate business and still not getting the results you expect and deserve?

Then let me help expose the truth about why affiliate marketing is not working for the majority of folks in todays market place stealthsecrets.

First off, let me ask you a personal question – how many affiliate sales did you make this week? 10? 5? 1? Zero?

Now, how much money did you spend to get those affiliate sales.

Perhaps more than you made?

This is the sad reality of any business, if expenses are more than income, then you’re not making any money.

If you are using paid advertising like Facebook ads or Google Adwords, it is staggering how high the CPC and CPM are today.

This wasn’t always the case and why a lot of money was made in affiliate marketing in past years.

Today, it’s a wonder how anybody is making money online at all!

Let me ask you another question…inboxdollars reviews

Assuming that you made at least on sale…

Do you know how much the owner of the product made from that sale?

You probably think you know… because, you got probably got paid 50%-100% on that sale if it was a Clickbank product or if it was something through CJ or Linkshare you might have even made over 100% commissions.

How can the owner of a product pay you out more than 100%of what the product sells for?

This little fact in so important I cannot stress it enough…you absolutely need to know where the money in your business is really being made.

With many businesses it is not necessarily in the first or front end product they sell.

Most successful affiliate vendors are taking the customers you sent them, giving you a small payout (like $30-$70) on a front end product, and then they go on to sell them spikeless footwear hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars more with upsells, downsells, repeat sales, side sells, high ticket coaching, webinars and even telesales for high priced seminars.

The owners of these products can make $1000.00 of dollars on these customers! And guess what?

You got virtually nothing beyond the small commission of the front end sale.

As an affiliate marketer you are busting your butt to market their front end products, those low priced items designed to get a customer relationship started which basically means small commissions for you.

What the Seller is really looking for are the leads you are sending him…he gets to keep them all and they continue to market to them and upsell them…possibly indefinitely.

You are doing all the work writing ads, buying ads, and doing SEO all which is benefiting the seller in a huge way…. And you get nothing more beyond the initial meager commission.

So, there you go, that is the very sad truth about affiliate marketing in today’s market.

Now the good news.

There is a better way.

The secret is to have a franchise, a license to someone else’s proven system, so you can benefit not only from the initial sale, but the repeat sales, the upsells and the high ticket items.

And, if you haven’t already figured this out, the real money in online marketing is being made by the people who have a product to sell with accompanying upsells.

That requires a huge investment in time, money and experience to create and market, which you may not have.

However, there is a way to leverage someone else’s time, money and experience.

That is by buying a franchise.

Think MacDonald’s.

You could go out and try to start your own hamburger restaurant but your chances of being successful in a restaurant business are slim to none, but if you were able to purchase a MacDonald’s franchise you would almost be guaranteed of success.

Wouldn’t you?


Should You Really Try SurveyHead Paid Surveys?

There has been a new trend of paid surveys that have become popular but going blindly for it can put you in a risky situation.

There are many scam sites that claim that they offer the best paid surveys, while in fact they are outright scams.

If you are in the UK you need to look out for some sites that have been offering genuine surveys to the users, and a decent payment package as well.

If you haven’t come across such sites yet try

This company offers better paid survey options than many other similar sites in the UK.

What Really Makes SurveyHead Better?

Well, you might just not believe that you get to earn money right from the start.

Normally, when you look out for any site offering online surveys for money they might offer you the option to register for free but only SurveyHead offers you to earn 3.5 GBP when you register for the first time.

This means that the moment you register on the site using your email account, you get 3.5 GBP added to your profile.

This is pretty cool even if you will not be able to withdraw the money right away: the sum still adds up and gets you closer to the payment threshold.

Another good thing about this site is that you don’t have to sell anything or try to purchase or test any kind of product.

Users have to look out for surveys which are simple opinion based research surveys and therefore very easy to fill out.

You don’t have to have any technical knowledge or qualification required to complete those surveys.

This means that even college-goers or elderly people can join SurveyHead and get some extra income on the side.

SurveyHead offers you the option to convert all your points into cash or reward depending on your choice.

If you are really interested in making money you can start filling out more surveys on the site and you can ask for instant cash transfer that can be done through PayPal.

This makes your entire payment process easier because you don’t have to wait for checks for weeks before you can convert them into cash.

The money is transferred immediately when you redeem the points to cash.

However, the minimum amount that user can redeem is $25 and therefore users will have to wait until they reach this limit.

To be fair, it’s not a too high of a payment threshold.

Similarly, users also have the option to redeem their points into rewards that are available on the site.

However, you will have to keep an eye on the site and look out for the rewards that are available at that time.

It is always recommended that users make use of the rewards immediately before they are taken away.

So when you notice something you’d take advantage of – use your rewards points on that without hesitation!

What To Watch Out For?

The number of available surveys may differ from time to time.

The site has many users and therefore some of the surveys are being taken up by various users.

On the other hand, the site offers surveys based on individual profiles.

This means that some days users might not have a single survey while some days there are plenty of surveys coming your way.

Hence, users will have to make sure that they make the best use of the time that they have to complete more surveys when there are many available in their profile.

In this regard SurveyHead is not very time-management friendly.

Usually each survey takes around 20 minutes and therefore users can complete three surveys in an hour.

Some surveys provided by SurveyHead are extremely simple and short and they usually take just 10 minutes.

Users are paid immediately after they have filled up the survey which ensures that the payments are going to be steady.

SurveyHead does not have a very strong customer support which can upset some of the users because they will need quick answers.

However, the site does offer email support to the users where they can type in their message or query and the customer support will answer it.

The site also offers FAQ section which answers most of the common queries and therefore users can also go through it if they have any questions.


Set Your Affiliate Marketing Goals and Create a Good Business Plan

When it comes to affiliate marketing, it’s crucial to set a goal and create a good business plan if you want to ensure online success.

Without it, you would be nothing, but a ship without a rudder floundering around the web looking for something to do, and you would have no choice, but to jump on an opportunity that comes your way.

A lot of affiliate marketers commit this kind of mistake, and that is why all their efforts turn to waste.

A lot of us have made the same mistake….

That is why it so important to create a good business plan.

Unless you’re already financially stable, you probably have a limited amount of time that can help you discover how to use your resources, time, and money in affiliate marketing.

The best way to shorten this learning curve and improve your chances of success is to create a fool-proof plan, goals, and deadlines that you’re going to stick with no matter what.

Without an Internet marketing plan, you would end up going down the path that most new affiliate marketers suffer from.

A road where they tend to become unfocused and nothing has ever been completed, and so, no profit has been made.

There are countless of distractions in the business and the only way to avoid them is to stay focused on your plan and be disciplined.

Wherein, if you wouldn’t even condition yourself to focus on this simple step, then you wouldn’t be able to go any further.

Learn from the mistakes of others to save yourself from doing them again.

Define Your Goal

Just like what I had mentioned earlier, an essential part of affiliate marketing is to have clearly stated goals.

Aside from earning money, what are your other reasons why you considered to become part of the affiliate marketing world?

This should be written down and place it where you can see it every day.

This would serve as a reminder why you should pursue with that goal.

After having a big goal, you should also create smaller sub-goals that are feasible.

Commit yourself to doing these, because that’s the only way on how you can move on to the bigger goals.

Setting Your Goals

Again, let me remind you; don’t neglect this very critical step.

If you don’t set your affiliate goals and review them regularly, you are likely going to fail.

That’s the harsh reality of it.

1. Simplicity Is the Key

What is your income target? Try to determine what your income should be during:
– The first thirty days.
– The first calendar year.
– The second calendar.
– Five years from now.

2. Jot Down Your Goals

In a journal, legal pad, or calendar, keep a record of your goals.

I  don’t recommend using a computer for this because studies show that when you write something down on a piece of paper, such as your deepest thoughts, you are going to build more than thousands of neural pathways during that activity.

That means you’re going to have a more profound emotional attachment with your goals as you write them down.

This would also give the assurance that you’re going to do your best to stick with these goals no matter what– which would also increase your chances of achieving that goal.

Try to allow 30 minutes of your time each day and go to a place where it’s quiet, and there aren’t any distractions.

No people, televisions, phones, or whatsoever.

Think about the reasons why you want to become a successful affiliate marketer.

You should be as accurate as possible.

What would you do to attain that?

You must have specific reasons, a strong urge, and a personal commitment to reaching your goals.

Make it a habit of spending around 15 minutes to read, update, and edit your goals every morning.

Repetition would require some determination, but once you get the knack of doing something like this, it would be natural and enjoyable after.

3. Stay Organized

Make sure that you’re going to stay organized all throughout the process– especially with your accounting and time.

You can consider using an accounting software that would make the task easier.

Likewise, create a system on how you’re going to organize your files in a way where you can easily get what you need.

Thank you for stopping by and should you have any questions please do not hesitate to drop me a line.


Real Online Affiliate Marketing Success When The Going Gets Tough

….just keep going!

Yip, that’s about the very best advice I can give you…with anything in life.

Whether you are a new parent, starting a new job, mastering a musical instrument or trying to whistle ‘God save the Queen’ through your nostrils while hanging upside down from a tree, touching your knees with your chin.

It’s gonna take some practice before you eventually get the hang of it.

The same goes for affiliate marketing or any other type of marketing you might be involved in.

The Wrong Impression

People are often under the impression that earning an income from the internet is easy and that the money will quickly come in, like your dog, when you’ve taken him for a leak outside and there’s a loud thunder-strike.

It is exactly this false impression which makes people, especially newcomers to the internet, so vulnerable to the gazillions of scams online – well maybe not that many, but still a lot.

The scam fathers know that people are naive and so they cater for their needs, by boxing rubbish products with a ’30 day money back guarantee’, which the hordes then pick up with stars in their eyes, only to be rudely jolted back into reality when the wonderful product doesn’t deliver.

Oh dear oh dear…what shall be done about his?

Unfortunately not much, for as long as there are people looking to make an extra income online, there will be the wolves who prey on them.

People need to be informed, educated, alerted regarding the pitfalls of internet marketing but it is a difficult thing to do, especially with so many scams popping up all over the internet on a daily basis.

It is not all doom and gloom though.

There are exceptionally good programs on the internet which are legitimate and which do a wonderful job of teaching people how to earn a decent income online.

By far the best is of course Wealthy Affiliate, but even with an excellent program like this, you need to know that it is not a walk in the park to become a successful netrepeneur.

The Uncomfortable Truth

To be successful as an affiliate marketer, you have to put in effort, do the grind, bust your butt, same as you would with a physical business.

Let me spell it out for you:

There Is No Easy Money,

…at least not at first, and the sooner you realize that, the better.

Working on your online business should be your number one priority, not catching up on the latest episode of CSI or Ellen.

(You might want to make an exception for ‘The Walking Dead’ though).

The Seven Stages

There are typically seven stages that a person goes through when looking to make money online:

Stage one

Is where you develop the need to earn an extra income.

The money coming in from your JOB is just not enough, you’re tired of eating only peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or you are worried that your landlord might just have been serious when he remarked that you had better pay the rent or else he’ll send his ‘amigos’ to come visit you…

Stage two

Then kicks in when you start looking for possible extra income opportunities. You go through your local classifieds, you scour the internet for opportunities, you consider taking on a second job etc.

Stage three

Starts when you come across something online that actually sounds promising.

You do some research, or not (BIG mistake) and you buy yourself this shiny new internet marketing program, promising not only the sun and the moon, but also the stars and other galaxies, and if you buy now, not only will they throw in a complimentary space suit, but your name will also go into a draw to win an all expenses paid trip to Sucker Island!

You’re excited and can’t wait to try it out…so you jump in and start with the program.

This leads to either stage 4A or 4B.

Stage 4A

Comes in play when you realize that this is not really what you were looking for, or you find it incomprehensible, like the preparation instructions on the back of a packet of Chinese noodles, translated into English by the Chinese manufacturers:

“To place a bag in the plenty of a boiling added some salt water. To cook on moderate fire of 15 minutes. To get a bag, having picked up a plug for a loop stipulated for this purpose. To allow water to flow down.To open a bag, having broken off it on a line of notches. To lay out a product on a dish and to add oil to taste.”


There you go, now wasn’t that easy? Ahh, good old Chinglish – always gets me giggling…

Anyway, this is when you then go back to stage 2, rinse and repeat back up to stage 4 – a vicious cycle that goes on an on until you finally quit.

Stage 4B

Kicks in when you know you have found a product that is REALLY good.

You can see that this will work and you decide to stick to this one.

So, once again you enthusiastically join, and start working on the program, and work…and work…and work…

In the case of affiliate marketing, this means, setting up a website and writing content, and writing content, and writing content, and writing content, and writing content, and writing content….

No sales yet….

So you get back to writing content and writing content and writing content and writing content and writing content….

Still no sales…

And this is where

Stage 5

kicks in – this is the decisive phase right there and the death of many an affiliate marketer…

You start feeling that you are wasting your time, nothing is happening, you’re not getting any noticeable traffic to your site, you’re not making money, the going is getting really, really tough right now.

So now it’s decision time…

The Tough Get Going

It was Winston Churchill who said:

“When you are going through hell, keep on going. Never never never give up.”

Somebody else said:

“Don’t be discouraged. It’s often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock.”

Isn’t that true?

You see, success doesn’t come easy. You’ve got to work for it, you’ve got to want it so badly that no matter what, you will go on…

Babe Ruth said:

“You just can’t beat the person who won’t give up”

and in terms of affiliate marketing it means you just can’t be a failure if you keep on working on your site, adding content and doing all the other things stated in the training you get at Wealthy Affiliate. You just can’t…

Stage 6

Is only for those who decide to stick it through, those who know they should NEVER give up” for that is just the time and place when the tide will turn”. (Paraphrased from Harriet Beecher Stowe)

This is the stage where you start seeing results…the traffic starts picking up, your pages get ranked in Google, the sales start trickling in and then, the glorious realization that


Stage 7

Happens soon after that – you are now seen by Google as an authority on your subject and you are making a comfortable income with a lot less effort than in the earlier phases.

You are now a successful affiliate marketer and your website will provide a handsome income for you for years to come.

Well Done Old Chum!

To you I want to say – well done – you have persevered when the going got tough, but you kept your eye on the prize and despite the hurdles and struggles you kept going and this is your reward…

Well done…

You Too Can Be A Successful Affiliate Marketer

You too can make a full time income from affiliate marketing.

The question is, do you want it bad enough?

Check out the incredible training offered by Wealthy Affiliate – it is absolutely the best place to start.

See you there!

Feel free to drop me a comment below – I’d love to hear what you’re thinking.