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The Noteshound Tools

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All NotesHound packages include the following tools:

  1. The Properties tool can update design properties for multiple views, columns, folders, forms, subforms, pages and action bars at once.
  2. The Script Sorter tool can sort and save LotusScript subs & functions in ascending, descending or any order you want.
  3. The Dependencies tool can graphically display and print all LotusScript code dependencies.
  4. The Class Navigator tool is a real time LotusScript Class navigator for OOP programmers.
  5. The Find & Replace tool can find and/or replace text throughout a Notes database design.
  6. The Element Library tool can import, save and export Notes design elements from anywhere to anywhere - ideal for code & component reuse.
  7. The Profile Document Editor tool can create, edit and delete any profile document and any item in the profile documents.
  8. The View Selection Formula Editor tool can edit and view selection formulas for any number of views at once.
  9. The Code Search tool can find any text within code in a database/template or a set of databases/templates.
  10. The Check Document Locks tool can find locked documents and/or design elements in a database/template or a set of databases/templates.
  11. The Design Template Settings tool can change design template settings for a database/template or a set of databases/templates.
  12. The Hide or Un-hide Design tool can hide or un-hide the design of a database/template or a set of databases/templates.
  13. The Agent Data Documents tool can delete un-needed agent data documents from a database/template or a set of databases/templates.
  14. The Replica Scanner tool can find any number of database replicas on any number of servers.
  15. The Item Cleaner tool can show you lists of all items used in databases. The tool can also help you delete items and to compact databases to get the UNK-table as small as possible.
  16. The Refresh/Replace Design tool allows you to refresh or replace the design of one or more databases/templates
  17. The Keyword Cleaner tool allows you to manipulate content of keyword fields in documents. Can help reduce the size of these fields to avoid the 64 KB limit.
  18. The Deletion Stubs tool allows you to delete deletion stubs from one or more databases/templates
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